Waterlilly Reed frog(Hyperolius pusillus)


I found this very small frog in my garden on a leaf . I always go explore my garden just before the sun sets. All the butterflies and birds make ready to go sleep . So the best time to look under leafs.


This frog was sitting so still only on close inspection I realised it’s still alive.


I was watching the sun set and was watching the frog it was catching insects. Even the  mosquito that was buzzing all around me got to be a snack for the frog. This little frog was jumping up and down I think it wanted to show me something because it was on top of my head one time . Then it jumped back on my shoulder then jumped back to the leaf  of the plant


was getting dark so I had to go home I still got a 1 km walk home.


Small spiders the frog had for dinner.


This frog was active day and at night
The next day I found it on this box in the field.


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