Gambian[Peters] Epauletted fruit bat


One week old baby bat ,family of 4 very friendly its winter now and although in the Witrivier Mpumulanga  there are alot of fruit. In June 2014 there were not enough rain. So the bats are moving closer to habitat were humans are desperate for food. Risking there lives although some people leave them alone others kill them. The first day they was spotted in my garden there were starving scared and tired they ate day and at night I have wild berries and bananas and wild figs in my garden . The figs are still not ripe but it didn’t stop them from eating the fruit .Now they are here now 2 months and they only eat a little ripe fruit at night ,



while hanging in the sun in day time if insects pass them it will become a snack.

There bodies are between 12- 20 cm when they open there shoulders they are between 25-30 cm impressive and looks scary in flight. But believe me they are not dangerous and would not harm or pee on you .
I have observed them and studied them . They remind me of a puppy . The young that is born from the mother stay in the group .Then only the females stay in the group the males have to go after the breeding is done .Only the mother feeds and protect the young bats, the  breeding takes place  in winter the males stay for one week. then they leave . Leaving the mother alone .


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