Finding out one has cancer can feel like a death sentance
First one goes into depresion then the fight to live in or fight back
when one gets so ill
Then one can even change once dieet go for healing
Then the long road to recovery
Changing once ways
Then determenation kicks in and one realize
There is so much left to do
Then writing down the things still left to do
No money makes it duficult so imagination kicks in
Overcome my fears
Travel the world
Save a life
Publish a book with a dear friend
Forgive others
to life more
be kind to all i see
To give myself anther chance
Remember my mistakes
Remember my dreams that came true
Remember my adventures
Stop worying about what if
Start embrasing what will be
Sometimes life cant be planned then its up to yourself to be positif and be strong be the inspiration for those weaker than yourself .And do the best you can do with the time left

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