The day my heart stopped

The day my heart stopped
I died i woke up in heaven
My last memories was the rain
No pain
A warm inviting light and a sence of calm
Someone holding my hand
I senced Gods  presence
Then oudside the gate of heaven i saw each
Angel that passed through my life
Guided me on my journey on earth
As i walked among my friends
They all looked happy healthy they all
Smiled we walked together i heared the music if heaven
Calming  me
i smiled felt at piece no pain raady for my new adventure
Then i was brought back to earth
I dont understand why
Waking up overwelmed with pain
I was angry
I refused to talk
Why did i have to come back to be in pain
I think its to tell the world when its time to go
No need to fear death
To embrace it
Like the hug i longed for all my life
Since then I felt someone hug me everyday
Even if its only the wind
lesson i learned was God send people to help us
They are angels helping those who need help
Embrace the stranger accept his help
He or she is send from God above our prairs
To guide us to our next adventure
They would help us rol aeay the rocks that fall from the mountain so that we can have a save journey
Sometimes the unexplained happens and its hard to explain or tell the world then all we can do is learn from it and listen to the signs follow your gut feeling inside .

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