About the Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

I was born in Bethal were my grandparents raised me sadly when they passed away then I had to go back to Boksburg my Dad could never accept me but my Mom tried very hard to raise me and my 2 brothers. With little money she made as a bus driver. I always stood out for had good grades then one morning after going hungry again I was working at the tuckshop at school for a but of extra money . Then after another night of hearing my brothers complaints I decided to leave high school with grade 9 I got work at a drycleaners worked there for a few months then went to work for Toyota forklift as a receptionist I did the back up on those big spools early the morning then did filling was they called it those days (Girl Friday) it ment doing a bit of everything for everyone then I met my husband we got married stopped working then later tried the be a hairdressers even worked in the offices at checkers. Then I decided to loose weight lost all my weight in 9 months at Weighless they entered me into weightless woman of the year my before and after posters everywhere . The towns people at Delmas gave me a makeover for the big day. I was a finalist then the big day at Springs I won and was the winner lost 37.4 kg in 9 months of the East Rand area division of 2007 Weightless slimmer of the year competitions on 15 June. THEN got in another car accident and was hurt bad and picked up all the weight we moved to Nelspruit were I got depressed finally after a 10 year battle in court the road accident fund paid me a little money . I wasn’t like before no money can fix me so I saved my money I got each month from the trust bought me a camera and my own computer and since then when I got depressed I went exploring nature I got several awards on Google for a butterfly and a stick insect I discovered my passion searching the unknown to see how close or if I can touch the scary or harmless snakes. I admit a am a adrenaline junky. I used to walk 5 to 10 km just to avoid cleaning my house. I clean cook and spend time with nature. never miss a sunset ,sunrise or moon rise or moon set. I am a dreamer life in my own fantasy world were I can escape from all my trauma in my life . I was raped got cancer got depression then insomnia I think it’s the worst thing to suffer from. I had my gallbladder removed had a lift stroke but that’s things I want to forget. I am married with 2 kids own 2 properties. I enjoy walking and writing and taking photos and sharing what I see or feel. That’s why Since i can remember i had always believed once you accepted your flaws you will succeed .strong willed stuburn and caring nature got me in alot of trouble of the years but every teardrop taught me a lesson made me stronger .my dream is to change the worlds view on poferty .the poor food for all no more hunger so With my pen and notepad and my eyes as my camera my brein ny hard drive i traveled the world taking notes as far as i traveled .trough the storms in my life aswell as through the calm seasoons in my life i learned so much .my eyes became my airplane and as tecnoligy grew so did ny travels from the couch in my living room i travelled throughout the world .i became a blogger and writer and published poet i published 5 books my first book was in 2013 it was a recipy book and photo book about butterflies and birds then a recepy book and also a educational book about snakes last book was about poetry and butterflies it’s at http://www.Groep7.co.za . In 2016 got a chance to be part of yet another 4 poetry books their names is Geloof.Hoop.Vriendskap. Liefde together with 28 other poets Currently have 2 books as ebooks for sale under my name at http://www.kobo.co.za I visited people from all countries they became my family the one i never had i can honestly say i am blessed as a human being although i am just a small grain of sand in a bottle compare to the world my travels is ongoing my final destination is known only by my Heavenly Father .Author Maria Cornelia Hi Maria

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