South Africa world cup 2015

We come so far
A nation
No matter your religion or colour
We all have pride in our rugby team
We all come together
As a national
We support you proudly
We were our tshirts supporting you proud
Win or lose
We sing our athem proud
We are a nation full of pride
We are Springboks
Wearing our green and gold proudly
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Facing reality

It weekend and I just realised
It’s the thing a fear the most
Your surrounded with people
But feel so alone
Each one on his or her cell phone or laptop
No one talking just texting
Or reading
Or on social media
Or playing a game
It’s reality
We have become robots
Just texting
When will we realize it wrong
No wonder
There are so many people comiting suicide
Our phone has become our only friend
When is enough enough
We need to at night switch off our phones
But if we do we feel lost alone
We live in a cyber world
We have become what we fear the most
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti
Was trapped then you set me free
By just holding each other
When I hold you something happens nights are warmer days getting shorter
He made me forget my past
I only look forward to my future
We just hold each other
You keep my heart from getting older
People judge us they could not see the connection between our age difference nothing can break this love conection
Seeing my reflection in the mirror
Seeing you there next to me were becoming one reflection no more two reflections
We’re are one now
Heats and body mind and soul
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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