South Africa world cup 2015

We come so far
A nation
No matter your religion or colour
We all have pride in our rugby team
We all come together
As a national
We support you proudly
We were our tshirts supporting you proud
Win or lose
We sing our athem proud
We are a nation full of pride
We are Springboks
Wearing our green and gold proudly
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Wedding vows

whe’re flying on the wings of tenderness. riding the rivers of gentleness.
That night of whispering poetry in each others ears
Till the night faded away and morning crept out of its hiding place
Feeling your heartbeat
Hearing your soft voice whispering
Poetry into my soul
You stole my heart
We became one heart joined into two bodies
Then off we drifted on clouds
We could not exist without each other so
into the garden of love we’ll flow…
and watch it grow together.
we’ll build a castle out of honesty.
fill every room with a harmony…
seeing the world through each other’s eyes.
we’ll live our lives together…
As cosmic twins
We have completed our destiny
Meeting each other
As husband and wife
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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