Was busy day

Went walking
Cleaned the house
And enjoyed nature
Taking photographs of birds and butterflies and insects
I had a lovely day
With birds singing in the background
Now as the singles in hiding playing hidden and seek
I am exited to see the darkness
Watching it with a glass of Coke Cola filled with ice
When nature is at its best in October

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


When feeling down you make me happy
Releasing good hormones
When feeling happy you make me jump up and down
Today you made me smile
Why you should say
Or think
I can only have a tiny piece of you
Not because I am not allowed
Its so I can save you
Having a small piece every day
So I can have your sweet taste of dark chocolate for at least a week or two
Your like chocolate kisses all over again
Reminds me of going to the drive inn
Kissing and cuddling
Till I meet you again in store
Replacing you
With a new TV bar
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Forgive me for being silent ❤

At my age after a week of madness
My hole world was upside down
Instead of paradise
i woke up one morning
In Vietnam
Fighting for my sanity
I needed to set my clock
Go back in time to try save my own life
Now I changed my future
I am a new person stronger
Armed ready for any enemy
I have nature and God on my side
Wild birds moved into my budgies cage
In day time they go out and are free
It made me realize I have a purpose
God send me the answer I was seeking
I was deaf
And blind
He send birds to show me that even the wildest bird has feelings
They need love to
Food and water
A friend to play with
If 15 different birds that sepossed to be enemies can learn to share forgive and stay together in one cage
I needed to be strong
I am the head of my house second in command
Just like in the cage the smallest bird is in charge when the biggest is busy searching for food going out in day time
With my bible and strong will
I am ready to take on the impossible

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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