Today I could not stop crying
I just cried cried
Not tears of sadness but tears of joy
I met a young man
Stubborn and proud

A few months ago
We became friends
He opened up his soul
The world was beginning to use and abuse him
Use him
He didn’t beg for food
He went to work 7 days a week

He didn’t give in he pretended
He is honest ,hardworking
He worked like a slave
His mother would be proud of him
He had brain damage
Yet nobody knew

I had to risk my life losing all I have
Even my marriage
To get him to a place were he could be save
Looked after get medical assistance

Being told by people its non of your business
I didn’t give up
I would probably get hatefully phone calls after this
I don’t care for me its worth it

This young man was worth it
God told me to do this
Help people
It wasn’t my first
Won’t be my last
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

This is a true story
Lesson to be learned is don’t stop caring keep on trying

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