We all depend on it to survive
With it were just surviving
Without it
We can’t eat, pay rent,feed out animals
Some are lucky have got so much of this paper and metal
We don’t care about it we waste food
Then there are some people work day for day
Still not having enough food or money for clothes
Torn clothes broken shoes
We need it to have water
We need it for food
The only thing that’s free in life is the air we breathe in our longs
Our faith is all we have when there is no money
My Heavenly Father
On my knees praying harder than before
You gave me life
Why can I help others but can’t help myself
To proud may be
No its because i have faith in YOU
I have nothing except my faith that this journey you put me on
Is to make me stronger
I believe that when you send all these birds everyday
And those angels i helped was to teach me mould me
I was selfish and ungrateful
I thought reality is fantasy
I have been crying and praying till 2am for weeks now
You answered my prayers
Bit confused its all new to me
My eyes are open now
I can see clear now
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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