Soft rain
I went outside needed a hug a kiss so bad
Barefoot I walked calling your name
But to no luck

No moon no stars
So instead I closed my eyes
The soft rain drops felt like
Your hands all over my tender skin
One drop on my lips then my neck
I could feel you again
Then a softbreeze reminds me of that long kiss and you holding me tight for 15 minutes
Then I was reminded by the smell of wild grass and flowers
I could feel you smell you
Opening my eyes
Felt the wind following me as the leaves moved as I walked
Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow
In the early morning mist
Just you and me
Forever together

I am angry with my self
I try so hard to be respected and be loved
Then I read my messages my cyber real friends send me it keeps me crying and happy at same time
But I am lost if you only knew
This past few days
I was being reminded
Of true love
I am strong with My Heavenly Father
Beside me
I am climbing these steps
I can almost see the light

This weekend I danced for the first time
Not caring if I look stupid
For being on deaths bed for a while
I saw things the fever drove me insane
Dreamed of my future
People I should reach out to
No more no more sadness
Only tears that is like the soft rain
Giving tree water
My leaves will grow back
Soon I will have a purpose again
My fruit will feed all that is hungry
I am mad some say
But I am my Heavenly Father child
And can conquer all that stands in my way
Me and you

Sitting watching
As the sun fades away
Looking into each others arms
Pretending the world is a better place
Just you and me

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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