If I am such a bad Mom
Forgotten Mom treated if I am your maid
Why don’t you respect me like you respect strangers
I am tired to need a holiday to
Your forgotten me a long the way
I have become part of the furniture
Strangers taking over
I cook I clean up after you
Your adults now still I do all I can I need a rest to
Pick up your clothes
Enough is enough
Why do people complement me on how wonderful my kids are
Kindhearted and caring and helpful
If I am such a horrible Mom
Go find a new home
Its my house my rules
Go find your own home if you don’t Like my voice or my dogs playing its there home to
If you don’t like how it is move
To the visitors visiting if you don’t like my rules find a new hotel
If you don’t like my food go to a hotel
If this means losing my kids so be it
I am 44 you adults go out life your life
Respect the house rules
Or leave
I wonder who raised you clothed you gave up her dreams to stay home
Who was that stranger that helped you bought you toys
Read to you the Bible read you stories
Thought you manners and respect for others
It wasn’t your Dad
He was never home
He was working to bring in money so you could have the best in life
We pay your medical aid you life under our roof
So all we ask is respect
Love and give us a break i think we deserve it
You both have jobs good ones so
Give your Dad what he deserve respect
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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