Voices in my mind
Like plants we feel pain to we give off a weird smell to atrack the other sex male or female
Weird but true
You disapeard for a while i was dreaming of you then after a while i felt empty
A sence of calm but having dreams of you
After feeling empty inside my soul Hearing your voice today
Made me smile and happy
Like the rain filling up a empty can
Your words let me believe that you really care for me
Filling that emptiness with the smile in your voice made me feel you all over again
Your soft warm lips on mine
You holding me tight
Then the memory of you driving away fast

Frienships is like a fresh cut Roses
Does not last forever
But rarely if the rose bush is treated and care fore will last longer

True Love is different very hard to find
True love is like a addiction to something like chocolate

Not easy to let go
Or life without.
Once you find it or taste it
You will never let go
It takes two special angels to meet

To make a new kind of eternal love
That when together everyone around them are happy to
Our love can make even the sunshine shine on a cold August day
The soft rain will not only nurish the plants
Dedew drops not only bring life to dying plants
Its brougt hope happiness to us
Filling up our souls
With happiness and food that can only be given by the one I love
When apart I slowly die of not having you in my bed
Holding my pillow reminds me of you
Then I will slowly fallk a sleep
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Photographs copyrighted
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

In a state of trance

you take my hand
you pull me close
we are dancing
just dancing the night away

were on the dance floor
lights flashing
i get lost in between the music notes
the notes takes me higher than i ever been before
i close my eyes
i feel my heart beat faster
i am in a state of trance

dancing the night away
on the melody of love
in a state of trance
i feel alive with mixed emotions
i am so high it feels like i am flying
my hands is the wings
my body is the eagle

tonight i can fly higher than ever before
i feel free i am in full control
i am the eagle
your my pray
were dancing the night away

in a deep state of trance
our body lauguage says it all
its all about dirty dancing

The night away
Till the night slowly fades away
And daylight comes out of its hiding place
Copyrigted Author Maria Cornelia Abetti
Photo my own


you I am lying in your arms
It is every morning the best morning waking up in your arms
Your hand holding my face
Your lips moving towards mine
Feeling the sparkles
Explode in my heart
Stuck on your tender lips
Glued to your lips with super clue
Trying hard to get lose but to no avail
Hugs and kisses in the bathroom
Then in the kitchen
Till you off to work
At night when its time to come home
I look up at the starts could never get lost in the dark
I send a bright guiding star to guide you home.
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Photographs copyrighted
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti.
As the sun goes into hidding
Its time to let the darkness cover the sun
Its now or never
And look at it
Not one day the sky looks the same
Its like my secret love afair
Yes you the man out there you know who you are
Cant wait to feel your soft strong hands holding me
Only you know my true face
Its in the way you kiss me
Hold me
You whisper poetry in my ears
I complete your sentance
Its magic
True romance in the making


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