Trapped in between two worlds cyberspace and the real world

Does anybody knows how it feels being trapped in a fantasy world and real life
Its hard to face reality after getting used the fantasy
We all life in this space were we go to escape the cruel world
We make friends all over the world
Fall in love with this real yet never
Making contact with real people
It feels save its easy to make friends
We can’t get hurt
Or so we believe
If sad or happy we share it with the world
We get hugs and support
But when its time to go to sleep we
Go sleep alone
We go out to dinner we are alone
We watch a movie alone
So addictive this cyber world
With one touch of a button were connected to say text 24 hours a day
When there’s no signal
Or no more megabytes
We get sad angry
Its a addiction some would say
I agree but one that I could not life without
I am travelling non stop collecting friends all over the world my bus is getting fuller day by day
Now at 4700 friends soon my bus is full
My bus can only have 5000 friends
It’s Facebook rules
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti
Your photographs is on reply in my mind

I smile yet
When I close my eyes
I can’t stop
Of you
Your photographs
Is stuck on reply

Constantly reminding me if you and me
Our kisses under the moon and stars
Our holding hands
Our laughter together making jokes
Our fights
Then making up saying
Forgive me
I love you
We never went angry to bed
You are part of me
You’re the centre of my universe
Two hearts beating as one
Even when apart
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti
Swing my refection in your eyes

I said
Your eyes shine like a crystal glass
That is standing in the sun
Its refection is almost blinding then
I can see my refection in them
You said
In a soft calming voice
You know why your eyes are so beautiful
I said no why
You replied
Its because
I see your refection in them
Then i said
Your lips is as sweeter than sugarcane
Laying in your arms
Feels like
Ice cream melting away fast on a warm sunny day

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

We all have a green and gold rugby heart
No matter who side you’re on
If we lose or win
We all have a rugby heart
Once a year
We all we come together
United as one nation
Since I can remember
We all wear our green and gold
If we lose we take it as men
If we won we celebrate as one nation
This you can’t take away from us
Proudly united as one
South Africa
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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