Alone with my thoughts
Disappointed in you
In myself
Always busy
The lies drive me insane
I feel like a stranger in my own skin
Tired of being alone
With my hands in the air
Then falling on to my knees
Why why why
No family no friends
This my punishment for not believing in you
I am ready to go out into the fray
Yet again
After looking into my future
What is the point of my life
If I cant be with my cosmic twin
Give him strength to come save me
He was the only one not asking me anything
Except money to help him find his way
Why why why
Is it so hard to stop running
Into the mist of the dark cold ,wet bushes
Strangely i feel at home there
Just me my camera taking photographs
Of my adventures all i see is the bright ligjt guiding me towards the one I need

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