Lonely nights

Tonight I realized
After another night of mental abuse
Is it worth waiting
I need to try harder
If just if ……..
You heard my prayer tonight
I am happy
Not complete …..
Nobody knows or accept me
Just you ……
Everybody says I irritate them
Not you
You accept me for me
With all my faults
I am not were I want to be
I just wants to be
in your arms
I am in love with the man on the moon

Your out of my reach to far to bright
All i want is you
The one who kisses away my tears at midnight
The one who embrace me with the soft breeze of the night
I am tired so tired
Tired ……
Please hold me tonight
Kiss me like never before
Please don’t let the sun steal our early mornings and late nights
I am running holding your hand
I am weak forgive me
I am free of spirit
I am running towards your bright light
One day I will be strong enough fast enough to reach you before the sun comes up .
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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