The art of mothering

A Mothers goes through diferent moods and emotions
in her journey of becoming a Mother
some times one feels alone
lost,sad,confused ,angry
its like Winter ,Autum ,Summer
all in one

but then theres
that loving , happy and proud feeling that remind me of Spring
To be a Mother was for me like Summer ,Winter,Autum ,Spring all mixed up in one

it took me years to grow and understand
To be a mother is perhaps the most rewarding job experience
a Mother must be a unquilified nurse a teacher a cook , therapist
cooking and cleaning
some still have to wake up early go to work
working hard to make sure
her children is equipped with the knowledge,
skills and abilities to be a compenent
to learn to survive
like in nature the mother bird teaches the baby bird how to survive and feed and fend for it self.
a mother should protect ,disiplin and be a friend at the same time.
a very thin line
a mother should bring up a child with care and effection thats the true art of mothering
a mother should be selfless,
loving who must sacrifice many of her wants and needs for the want and needs of her children .
at the end when their aduldts only then
you will get feedback from others
then only can one sit back knowing if your sacrifuces was worth it.
remember as mothers we can only plant the seeds to grow we got no control over the weather (rain,snow,hail,sun )that determines how the seed will grow.
Written by @Aurthor Maria Cornelia Abetti

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