Last post of a dying women
I can’t take you with me
I can’t take my belongings with me
I can only take my sanity with me and my memories
What would you say
If you know you are going to be dead in a few months or years
What would you do if in pain everyday
Then you fall in love
But can’t love because you can’t let the one you love waist his time on you
I know what I would do
I would set him free even if it means losing him
I would life my last few months or years alone
Even if I wanted to be in your arms looking in your eyes you kissing me with your hands
It still is my dying wish
But I am not selfish
Go life be free find love
This world don’t need me no more Go out write books
Life do things I couldn’t finish
I am halfway through my life
Already yours has just begun
I would chase after lighting trying to find the light

Watch the sun set
Watch the sun come up
Watch the moon rise
Watch the moon set
Praying and finish reading my Bible
Ask for forgiveness
Write my thoughts down in my dairy
But the hardest thing I had to do is to let you go
Because I really love you
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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