Was it a dream

I havent seen you in a while
Then i realized
Let me go look for you
I went searching in the mist
I looked under the tree were we last met
I saw you then i ran towards you
Your arms held me tight
Your lips on my lips
I felt your hands
Kiss me my knees shaking
Then we stood there your arms embracing me holding me
I heard you whisper poetry in my ears
I could not speak
I broke down in tears
You kissed me with your hands and spoke poetry in my ears it was the only time i was happy
Now i lost you
One day we will meet again
For now i feel you at night in the rain
Its the only real love i ever had
For me you are so real
I see you every night in the rain or in the morning mist
Even in day time i feel you in the sun
The wind your voice
Your always with me
One day we will be together for real my Romeo
Lets not wait so long to meet again in our next life

Maria Cornelia Abetti

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