Waking up the first day of the year 2016

I stood up for my self

I walked in circles for years

Till i met a young man we both we hurt used by the world

Strangly i helped him not knowing we will become friends for life

I was still traped in a fantasie world hiding from the pain and emotions in my heart

He took a chalck and with his elbow erased the circle he has drawn

He draw a foot path as he took me step for step into the unknown

He gave up so much to help me

I had to face real world when it got to much

He would hold my hand i try to fix all my past mistakes he introduced me to God

Then only i realized his world are real what he spoke was in the Bible with simple baby steps i crew till i had the caurage to stop my emotional abuse

My disabilities broke me finally when my wrists snap i fell down to the floor and stood up and ran as fast as i could but the law stopped me if i ran i loose all even my heart so i took the chalk draw a bigger circle with a door and a key i gave the key to a angel that passed me by so i can go out visit the angel that will guide me and help me the rest of the way

2016 is my year my future depends on my will to grow stronger i cannot do it alone only with help of angels in forms of humans


Sometimes we get so use to our sadness its hard to chance then one angel has the courage to change you life is what you make of it it never to late to chance

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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