New year

New years resulotions

If there is no magic why do people still

Make promises and fight to chance for the next year

New years madness

Is it the adrenalin speaking

Who knows

Why we make these crazy promises and dreams

Its the desire to become someone and dreams of having eveything one can desire

Go on holiday and travel

The world is about money and what you have who you know .

Who your friends are

What you look like

What you wear

Some do change and some succeed

Its a endless list

Who will complete their list

Like a burning candle

Some burn out before

Or when the wind blows the candles flames out

Some have matches to light it again

Some of us dont

So will you remember to buy spare matches

To complete your goals your list

Only time will tell if you succeed


New years eve many of us makes these promises then when the clock strikes midnight

Its only those who has determination will succeed and complete their goals

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