5 months ago we became friends

5 months ago we met

Whether or not you liked me too,

It was faith that brought us to meet

You breathed new life in my longs

Your friendship is the oxygen keeping me alive

Without you I would

Instantly stop breathing

5 months ago has come and go

Off laughter and smiles and tears that lasted  forever

Our memories forever carved in my mind

5 months ago

You saved me from insanity and near death

5 months ago you introduced me to my self

A new me

Now I got a voice

Now I can be myself

I would not change a thing

We had our fights

We shared our life secrets

5 months of you and I,

Of feeling so good deep down inside,

5 months of you and me,

Never in my life I’m this happy and content

5 months of smiles and laughter,

Enough to last for years after

The first day you held my hand that

Touch of your hand rubbing my skin

I started healing

You took away my fears my pain

I still feel your hand

In mine

Author Maria Cornelia

One of my poems that was read on the radio

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