Mixed emotions when I kissed you under the purple tree of love

We walked side by side

Them stopped because my heart was racing so fast

Then we talked and talked

You gave me your heart then

When you left I knew I might never see you again

One thing I know

I met and felt love under the purple tree that day

Till today not sure if you were real or just my imagination creating you to hide for this pain

I never felt so save and calm I walked the streets that day

Talking to this man

I spoke my heart ,cried and I am sure I felt you hugging me

That day you said

I will come back one day

I waited for you

But my fears is gone

I feel like the old me

This probably was an angel that Passed through

All I know is my heart feels lighter

And that I need you to come back still so many secrets must be told so that my burden can be lighter

You said you’re always around I feel you but don’t see you please come back I need you

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