This is one of my poems that was read on the internet radio
This poem Iwrote one evening when i experienced trauma
Many of you know the story
When a friend phoned me telling me he got 2 minutes to life yes he hanged himself . I phoned for help and he survived
But was never the same.
So a dear other friend help me through it al thank you Dion Vanderwalt. So for some reason my style of poetry changed
It was my way of coping so since then i write night and day its helps me relax. This is when my exciting journey started . Not always the best poems
I dont share all my work . Iwrite about anything.


Living in a world were emotions and feelings turn us into ice
We fall in love floating on clouds
Soon to be awaken
Tears of joy turned into tears of sorrow
Shattered dreams
Broken hearts
Thunder then lightning
Awaken in a nightmare
Screaming out loud

Why why then I go on my knees
Praying for answers
Show me the way
God will send angels in form of people
To guide the way
@ Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


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