Coffee Thinking of you going back in time First coffee First time I tasted coffee At first it was horrible But with time Coffee became sweet even without sugar Like life it’s like our first cup of coffee At first our expenses in life become hard bitter to cope with Only with time we get […]

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Fear Fear of expressing your feelings Can be almost like a storm with strong wind It can rip you apart No more no more I decided yesterday No more pretending I love you is a common saying to most So when I say it It’s because I really mean it So first biggest lesson I […]

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AboutMother Earth is gasping her last dying breath Skyscrapers he world was engulfed in color yesterday,I rue the day that it resembles a solemn grey,Mother Earth has gasped her last dying breath,Skyscrapers serve as tombstones to mark her death.If we watched the world from Venus or Mars,We’d only see bruises, scrapes, and battle scars,Heaven shall […]

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Family Album

Visit a casino didn’t gamble just walk around looking at everything around me wondering why would anyone put money in a machine to get money. Such a waist Writer and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

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Yellow crab spider

Finding it in Whiteriver South Africa in my garden it’s active in day time and at night city life agree with it stay on same flower till it’s dying spinning a web around it self one string then will stay at same spot moving from flower to flower couldn’t get it to clime on my […]

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