On my morning walk what a surprise again to find dragon flies in my garden always on the same plants they would let me take their photos and its if they would look at me. Then would fly off . Then on my way back I would pass the same plant and their they would […]

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Azanus jesous(Topaz Blue)

Topaz Blue 24mm small males have lilac blue wings with pink outer wings margins with a narrow borders. Females mostly brown. Will find them flying around flowering Acacia trees and drink in mud pools .Larvae feed on the leaves of the Acacia tree..Very common in Nelspruit

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Vervet monkey

They eat fruit ,flowers,nuts and a lot off other foods like eggs from birds . They are up early from 5h48 am every morning they will start climbing tree to tree eating at 11 am then they move to a save spot high in a tree for a nap . Then at 3 pm they […]

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It feeds mainly on earthworms, using its long scimitar-like bill to probe soft soil. It also eats larger insects, , as well as spiders and small lizards. These birds also favour snails and will feed in garden beds around residential homes. They also extrac larvae of moths and beetles that feed on the roots of […]

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Cynthia cardui)Painted Lady

Painted lady Wingspan of 45 mm and will sit still in afternoon sun although a rapid flier makes it easy for the beginner to take photos off. Loves sitting on leaves on the ground. The larvae feeds on a variety off plants . Will find this Painted lady all over South-Africa . Posted from WordPress […]

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Hamanumida daedalus(Guinea Fowl)

Hamanumida daedalus(Guinea Fowl) Wingspan is 60 mm will find them on rotten fruit . Don’t like grass will find them flying low were it is sandy or rocky ground. Very alert , larvae feed on Combretum molle and Terminalia sericea. I took this photo in Nelspruit but normally will find in Thornveld and savanna. I […]

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Speckled Mouse bird

Speckled Mouse bird The Speckled Mouse bird (Colius striatus) is the largest species of mouse bird, as well as one of the most common. The Speckled Mouse bird is a frugivore which subsists on fruits, berries, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit and nectar, and is fairly in its choice of food from area to area. In […]

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The Hamerkop

Distribution and habitat The Hamerkop occurs in Africa south of the Sahara, Madagascar and coastal southwest Arabia in all wetland habitats, including irrigated land such as rice paddies, as well as in savannas and forests. Most remain sedentary in their territories, which are held by pairs, but some move into suitable habitat during the wet […]

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Pinacopteryx eriphia(Zebra White)

SUBFAMILY HELIOCONIINAE(FAMILY NYMPHALIDAE).Acraeidids breed mainly on granadilla,from which they extract toxins that they use to deter predators. ZEBRA WHITE Medium-sized (50mm) ,unmistakable, black with creamy white bars with creamy white spots dry season form black areas on the underside of wings replaced with brown or light pinkish colour. Fly very low with high speed don’t […]

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Tawny-flanked Prinia

Tawny-flanked Prinia Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)[1] Scientific classification Kingdom:Animalia Phylum:Chordata Class:Aves Order:Passeriformes Family:Cisticolidae Genus:Prinia Species:P. subflava Binomial name Prinia subflava (Gmelin, 1789) The Tawny-flanked Prinia (Prinia subflava) is a small passerine bird belonging to the genus Prinia in the family Cisticolidae, a family of Old World warblers. It is widespread and common in most parts of […]

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Cloud’s then thunder Soft tears falling from the sky Birds singing Nature becomes alive Thunder lights up the sky Rivers ones was dry. Now more It’s raining hard Rivers getting full Once was dry no it overflows Earth is smiling again Food for all water for everyone No more birds dying of hunger Life can […]

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My weding anniversary 27 years Thank you husband for giving me the most wonderful romantic and made me feel beautiful again like a butterfly spending all that money on me when we broke thank you Only YOU know my secrets my thoughts my problems Only YOU can help me not to forget but make peace […]

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Raindrops at night and in day I walked in the rain Soaking wet but loving it It felt like every raindrop was a kiss on my half exposed body Just me and the rain Thinking about how we used to kiss in the rain outside your warm moist lips and your big strong arms warmed […]

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Trapped in between two worlds in empty space Is this true loves way of being cruel The sun and the moon Who to choose Without the one there can’t be the other Woken up in my dreams I’m drowning in my tears Why do I feel so confused Trapped in between space Yet there’s no […]

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Spider falling in love with a moth Like a spider caught up in your Web I couldn’t resist your inviting Web your beautiful colours those sweet sent What will our friends say You work hard to start a new life Now I am caught in your Web We started to fall in love You came […]

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